Time to activate the Product Recommendation Widget? It's easy!

Step 1

Click on 'Add widget' followed by a click on 'Product Recommendations'.

Step 2

Type in the 'Header' you want.

Step 3

Click on 'Save'.

Which products will be shown?

Depending on the items in your customers cart, HypeCart will use Shopify's product recommendation API to serve relevant products to your customer.

Don't see any recommendations?

The algorithm that identifies recommended products predicts the most relevant products based on the product a customer is interacting with. The criteria that the algorithm uses depends on a merchant's online store, as well as their plan, however there are the following criteria in general:

  • Purchase history - Finds products that have historically been purchased together.

  • Product description - Finds products with similar descriptions.

  • Related collections - Finds products from collections that the current products is part of, excluding collections with handles all and frontpage.

Read more about the API's criteria here.

Watch the tutorial

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